Colin Adamson - Violin Maker

Based on Guarneri del Gesu 1742, Lord Wilton

The instrument is loosely based on Guarneri del Gesu 1742, Lord Wilton.  The late Guarneri violins were a little more impulsive and perhaps a little quicker made, not concentrating too much on the finish of the scroll and the neatness of the purfling.  He really seemed to just concentrate on making a lovely violin that worked, allowing the free cut of the f holes to flow and creating a beautiful bold arching.  One of the most striking qualities about the late Guarneri is the deep cuts into the corners  giving it a very distinctive look.  
A colleague of mine who attended the Guarneri del Gesu exhibition in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, commented that it was like “walking into a room full of peacocks”.  (especially the later del Gesu’).



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