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Autumn by the Sea

Summer has flown by!  I can’t believe September is almost upon us.  It’s been  a busy year so far, and I’m just about to varnish a Guarneri del Gesu copy.  As a modern maker  I’ve had a good year and this is the fourth instrument I’ve made, must be feeling inspired by my surroundings.  I’m often asked if I use machinery in my making process but my violins are handmade violins in the UK.  The only thing I use is a band saw, everything else is done by hand.  To me it’s important that I stick to the old fashioned  traditions and processes of violin making.

My apologies to anyone who made an enquiry via my website contact page.  It was down for sometime and it a while to realise.  The emails all came through once the problem has been sorted and I hope I managed to respond to everyone that had take the time to email.  It’s all up and running now and I will be more diligent about checking that’s it’s working.

I featured in the Autumn edition of Local Life North Berwick last month, which is distributed in and around East Lothian.  If anyone is interested in reading it, (Local Life, North Berwick, Lifestyle Magazine, Local People).  It’s a well written little feature with some interesting pictures.

The next violin order will be making it’s way to Australia, it’s exciting, the first of my instruments to end up in Australia, that I know of! Haven’t quite worked out how to get it out there yet, but will think about that nearer the time!

Last week I received an email from Rachel Barton Pine’s agent in Chicago.  I was asked to be on call while she recorded with the RSNO in Glasgow, just in case her violin need an adjustment or repair (Bazzini ex – Suldat Guarneri del Gesu 1742).  Sadly the call never came as I was desperate to hear her play and to see the wonderful del Gesu.  I did get a lovely email from Rachel Barton Pine saying the instrument performed well and needed no attention.  Maybe next time!

Here’s to a healthy and happy Autumn.




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