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Summer 2023 update!

It’s been a while! Can’t quite believe how  time flies! The last 3 years have been incredibly busy.  I managed…Read More

Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8

Chloe Dickenson playing one of my violins as part of a quartet View this post on Instagram A post shared…Read More

Kreutzer Quartet playing Haydn

Kreutzer Quartet playing Haydn, my violin is the first violin 🎻 Violin inspired by Guarneri del Gesu !

Lorna Rough

In December 2010, I borrowed Colin Adamson’s newly finished violin (1715 ex Joachim Strad model) while my instrument was being…Read More

Rhona MacFarlane

I have been looking for a violin for quite sometime now and none seemed to grab my immediate attention such…Read More

Joe Hodson

I came to Colin for a routine fix to my previous instrument in 2013. Following this fix, and realising my…Read More

David Greenlees

I now play on a Viola made by Colin Adamson during the summer of 2020. It is based on the…Read More