Colin Adamson - Violin Maker

Rhona MacFarlane

I have been looking for a violin for quite sometime now and none seemed to grab my immediate attention such as Colin’s Violin. Aesthetically it is a beautifully crafted violin with a lovely warm varnish that makes me want to play the violin everytime I open my case. Everynote on the violin has a lovely effortless resonance and sings with a warm, rich sound. It has a great projection and bright, clear colours such as a Stradivarius but also has the capability of more intimate sound with warm and softer colours. The range of colour and the evenness of tone across all strings was something that really stood out to me. The violin is very responsive and I always feel it works with me instead of against. 

Many people have commented on the beauty of this instrument. I would recommend Colin to anyone if you’re looking for a Violin. He is also there for you if you ever have any problems with the instrument and makes sure it stays in top condition. 

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