Colin Adamson - Violin Maker

Joe Hodson

I came to Colin for a routine fix to my previous instrument in 2013. Following this fix, and realising my instrument required a more extensive reset than first required, I commissioned Colin for one of his ‘Cremonese’ Strad copies and picked the instrument up in the July of 2014. I had first played an earlier model of the same kind, owned by my then teacher Angus Anderson, but was immediately taken with the completely unique sound and personality that my own violin possessed.

I’d struggled previously with finding an instrument that achieved both the resonance required of the G string and the singing quality of the upper register. It’s a violin that, by its expert craftsmanship and detailing, gives access to a massive range of sound worlds and technical use. On a personal note, I’ve found the carefully considered distance between the strings and the fingerboard to allow almost effortless manoeuvrability around the instrument. Colin himself could not have been more helpful and enthusiastic throughout the process, down to keeping me informed of the woods used in it’s creation.

His enthusiasm for hearing his instruments played is a joy, as is his keenness to service and maintain his creations. If you’re considering getting or trying one of Colin’s instruments, I heartily recommend his services. These fiddles are something else.

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