Colin Adamson - Violin Maker

Mid Summer update!

Here we are half way through summer 2019! The workshop is very dusty and warm, but having a new velux added has made a difference and I sit at my bench with a view to the sea. I have just finished a Kreisler Guarneri copy which gets picked up today. After 25 years of making instruments, I still get a little bit nervous when a customer comes to pick up their commissioned instrument.

On the bench I am half way through a Guarneri Lord Wilton copy. It has a stunning one piece back which I split recently and was blown away by the figure on the wood (good choice by the customer!). The cello is coming along slowly but I must find a two week window when I can concentrate on it and really push it along. I picked up a commission to make a Maggini viola from a freelance musician in London recently. I love making this instrument as it really takes you out your comfort zone with arching and shape, and the quirkiness of this early Brescian viola. The pictures of the latest Lord Wilton inspired violin have just been put on the website, please take a look.

In October, I’m going over to Berlin to work for a week with my colleague and friend Ian McWilliams, just to share ideas and live and breathe violin making for a week. Maybe a little sight seeing too!! Hoping to come back full of inspiration and ideas.

Still trying to get the work life balance right, still struggling a bit, but loving my long walks on the beach, and a little bit of golf.

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