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Adamson Violins workshop update

Hello from a very windy, stormy North Berwick! Just back from the annual BVMA, British Violin Making Association, makers day in Kings Place, London. I’m lucky enough to have commission orders so I had to borrow back a violin and viola. One was inspired by Guarneri del Gesu 1742, Lord Wilton copy, and the viola was based on Andrea Guarneri Conte Vitale 1676 copy. The last few years I have pledged a violin which has always been chosen for the quartet. This year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and pledge a viola. I was delighted the viola was chosen by the Kreutzer quartet, and it was played and talked about. Thanks again to the Kreutzer quartet for making the BVMA memorable.

I’m still beavering away on the cello, ribs done, scroll done, plates cut out and edged ready for purfling. So I’m getting there and enjoying the challenges of making a cello. Just closing the box on a Strad violin, which I’ve made for myself , I was keen to try a few new ideas (purfling and edge work). The violin will be for sale when it’s finished. Just about to start a Maggini viola for a freelance musician in London, so the workshop is busy.

This year we’ve been lucky enough already to see Joshua Bell and Rachel Barton Pine. Although very different styles, both exceptional players. Hearing the Gibson ex Huberman Stradivari’s violin and the Soldat Guarneri del Gesu 1742 violin, was a delight, to be so close to hear these wonderful instruments was amazing.

Came back to the workshop full of ideas and colour and sounds in my head. It’s going to be busy year but I’m looking forward to Spring and some warmer weather in North Berwick. To see my latest work and photographs, check out facebook, Colin Charles Adamson and instagram Colin Adamson.

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