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End of year update

Wow! 2019 comes to end! Where do I start?! Being a violin maker in Scotland has it’s advantages, with an abundance of string players around the country. Having instruments in the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera, certainly helps with players interested in commissioning an instrument. I made five instruments this year, mostly Guarneri inspired copies, but next year I’ll be finishing off a Stradivari cello and starting two violas. One is going to a London freelance player and one to the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

I was lucky enough to see the Fyrish String Quartet playing during the Edinburgh Festival. It was lovely to hear one of my Stradivari copy violins and a Guarneri copy together, seeing how they blended in the quartet was lovely.

It was fabulous to hear Aden Mazur playing with MFR Cash for Kids the theme to Schindlers List on my Stradivari copy violins (check it out on YouTube). Well played Aden.

I went over to Germany in October to do a week of making with my friend and colleague, Ian McWilliams. It was good to cocoon myself for a week of sleeping and breathing violins, and I also managed to carve a Stradivari cello scroll while I was there.

Over Christmas I’ll be varnishing my latest Guarneri violin for a freelancer in London/Bristol. It’s lovely wood, so I’m really inspired to do a wonderful varnish job on the violin. It’s a nice job to do over the Festive period!

Merry Christmas. Wishing you all a peaceful and Happy New Year when it comes.

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