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End of Year Update

This year has slipped by so quickly, and what a busy year it has been in the workshop! I had a lovely email in October from an ex viola player from the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. He approached me 15 years ago to make a 5 string viola and I’m happy to say it’s doing well in the cafes and bars of the jazz scene in Northern France. I remember it was a challenge to produce this viola so early in my career and it’s good to know it’s still going strong.

Just finished a copy of a Guarneri Del Gesu violin 1730, the Kreisler, for a musician in Aberdeen. It was a delight to make, petite, but with a wonderful robust sound and great carrying power.

I was invited down to London at the end of October to the Amati Exhibition at the Langham Hotel. I went with my friend and colleague, Bow Maker Chris Halstead. The exhibition was fantastic and the evening concert by the Gypsy Virtuoso, Roby Lakatos and his ensemble, was mesmerising.

Currently working on a Paolo Maggini viola for an American lady. After making several violins, it’s lovely to be making a viola again.

After the recent sad events in Paris, which shakes faith in humanity to the core, my thoughts are with my colleagues in Paris and the French nation, which will burn bright once again.

Colin Adamson

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