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A New Start by the Sea

IMG_3024IMG_3027IMG_3033IMG_3029IMG_3028IMG_3026IMG_2470After a tumultuous summer of packing house and workshop up, we are finally feeling settled in North Berwick.  Lots of walks by the sea and enjoying the vibrant town centre with all its’ dog friendly coffee houses.

I managed to finish a viola (Guarneri Conte Vitale) for a young girl who is just embarking on her career, at the moment attending auditions around the country.  The viola seems to have been received very well.  I’m looking forward to finding out what music college she chooses (pictures of the viola to follow).

I am currently making a Guarneri del Gesu 1730, customers have chosen this model time and time again for it’s carrying power and beautiful tonal qualities.  I just love making this particular model, it still fascinates me to this day.  I am also working on a restoration of a Joseph Hill cello, so it’s going a busy pre Christmas period.

We went to see James Ehnes last month play with the RSNO.  He plays a stunning Marsick Stradivarius 1715, a beautiful Golden Period strad with just an amazing sound.  He is a wonderful player and made it sound effortless.  I have made many copies of the Cremonese of the same period, 1715, and I am never disappointed with this Golden Period copy Strad.

At the moment I have taken the dining room as a workshop, but I hope to be moving up into the large attic space before Christmas, with a velux window looking out to sea.  I’m looking forward to being very inspired in 2018, as there is lots of making to be done.




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