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Colin Adamson Workshop

This week in the violin workshop.

Busy week in the workshop, a lovely Sebastian Klotz cello came in for gluing and a clean. It’s only the second Klotz cello I have seen, and it was a delight to work on. I don’t think there are many around in Scotland, perhaps more down South in the UK.

The new Strad violin is going well, just finished the scroll and the fingerboard is next. Hopefully I will be ready to fit the neck by the end of the week!

While the weather is kind I will be making a new batch of varnish up, with a few more ideas about cooking colour into my varnish. Us violin makers around the UK are always trying to better our varnish and I still get lots of inspiration when I exhibit and see what other Scottish and UK violin makers are using on their instruments. The neighbours will have to be warned about the strange and potent smells drifting over the garden fence!

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