Colin Adamson - Violin Maker

Workshop Update

Lots going on at the moment! Preparing to go to the BVMA Makers’ Day in London UK on the 13th March at The Royal College of Music. I hope to take with me a viola and a violin to exhibit. Just finished a Maggini Viola, pictures to follow. After making several commissioned violins it was great to make a viola, which will eventually end up in the USA. I have also attached the latest picture of my workshop where as you can see, there are a few projects on the go!

Just about to start a Strad Violin based on Joachim 1715. The customer has picked a stunning one piece maple back and I cannot wait to start carving it. I had a lovely Nicola Amati Violin in the workshop which was left with me for a few days, giving me a good chance to study the varnish, purling and corners. It was a real pleasure to have in the workshop.

I made two batches of vanish last summer and I’m looking forward to trying them on my latest instruments. Based on my original oil varnish recipe with a few wee twists along the way.

It’s been a very wet and grey winter in Doune, Scotland but with Spring not far away I can feel my energy levels starting to rise and with that hopefully I will be inspired to make some exceptional violins, violas and cellos.

Looking forward to seeing you if you happen to be in London in March.

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