Colin Adamson - Violin Maker


Colin’s work is influenced by the classical period of violin making. He worked on and studied many fine instruments while working in Finland and Germany. He makes ‘copy’ instruments and his ‘new’ instruments to order. Many of these are to be found in the hands of professional musicians and students from around the world.

Examples of my Work

antonio stradivari violin 1715

Antonio Stradivari Violin 1715 (ex Joachim)

Antonio Stradivari (1644 – 18 December 1737) was an Italian luthier and a crafter of string instruments such as violins,
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  • Golden period Stradivarius
  • Renound for it’s carry power
  • Rich in colour
  • Wonderful bright E string

Kreisler 1730 violin

Guarneri Del Gesu – The Kreisler 1730

The Kreisler 1730 model violin is a copy of Guarneri del Gesu’s master piece, the “Kreisler”, ca. 1730, which was
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  • Vibrant sound
  • Petite
  • Early Guarneri instrument


Guarneri Del Gesu – The Lord Wilton 1742

The Lord Wilton 1742 The “Lord Wilton 1742” Guarneri del Gesù was originally made in Cremona, Italy in 1742. This
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  • Mischevious sound
  • Tremendous carrying power
  • Superb instrument


Giovanni paolo Maggini Viola

Giovanni paolo Maggini Viola – Brescia, Italy

Maggini’s violas are considered his most original and still unsurpassed achievement. Brescian violas are perhaps more desired than any others
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  • Unique f holes
  • Warm sound
  • enough power for orchestra or quartet

Conte Vitale Viola, Andrea Guarneri 1676

This viola is loosely based on the Conte Vitale Viola, Andrea Guarneri 1676. I have redesigned the top and bottom
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  • 400mm/15 1/2 inches
  • Warm, bright powerful tone
  • Ideal size

Antonio Stradivari Cello

Antonio Stradivari Cello – The Gore Booth 1710

Around 1707, Stradivari’s developments in his cello form reached a point that nowadays is considered the absolute ideal. His model
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  • Golden period Stradivarius
  • Ideal proportions
  • A delight to play

Matteo Goffriller Cello

Matteo Goffriller Cello – Venice 1692

Matteo Goffriller (1659–1742) was a Venetian luthier, particularly noted for the quality of his cellos. Goffriller was the founder of
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  • Big booming C string
  • Even tone
  • Strident A string

Based on Guarneri del Gesu 1742, Lord Wilton

The instrument is loosely based on Guarneri del Gesu 1742, Lord Wilton.  The late Guarneri violins were a little more
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  • Free cut of the f holes
  • Beautiful bold arching
  • Deep cuts into the corners